May 8, 2015

2. Feedback ~ Make it Better!

App Tweaker - Feedback We highly appreciate your feedback, and we carefully assess each submission, ensuring timely responses. QApps is dedicated to creating custom Apps according to your preferences with our trademarked Apps YourWay™ approach.

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2 thoughts on “2. Feedback ~ Make it Better!

  • Request: “I would love the following two features for your CALC iPad app: – factor(x) function, that displays the factorization for x – factor(209) ? 11·19 – possibility to customize the right side buttons, for quick access to the most used functions”

  • “Please allow the options to disable hints that are next to the equal sign button in the settings. Too many times they’ve accidentally come up when I’m the middle of a calculation. :-)” – will provide this option in the next update!

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