Introducing the Fiance App

The Fiance App: “What’s the best app to help with finances?” 🙂

The Financial Planning App for Budgeting Rookies!

Fiance app is the simplified version of the beloved CashFlow+ app. You can easily see your financial future in just minutes. Create simple income and expense plans with ease. Experience effortless financial planning and take control of your finances today!

Master Your Finances Today with the Fiance app!

Experience the transformative power of cashflow forecasting. Users of the CashFlow+ app have called it ‘indispensable’ as they realize the power of financial planning is not in tracking expenses but mastering sustainable budgeting via forecasting!

Your Personal Financial Journey Awaits

  • Plan your way to financial freedom effortlessly.
  • Our unique technique shows a clear picture of your financial future.
  • Stay ahead of bills. Transform from a bill organizer into a bill planner!

Empowerment Through Insights

Say goodbye to outdated methods. Fiance offers control and insight. It empowers you with future financial projections.

Key Features for a Bright Financial Future

  • Future-Ready Planning: Visualize your finances up to one year ahead.
  • Privacy First: Your data security and privacy are our top priorities. Everything stays on your device!

Efficiency Meets Innovation

  • Input income and expenses quickly.
  • Visualize your financial future.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with clear financial planning.

Join the CashFlow+ Community

For more advanced features, such as asset and debt management, upgrade to CashFlow+. This original app adapts to all your financial needs, whether personal, family, or business.

Is this really the best app to help with my finances?

We believe that everyone can benefit tremendously from practicing cash flow forecasting. There is a general rule that future-focused people achieve more because they strive for more, and the same goes for cash flow forecasting-based budgeting. If you focus only on the analysis of your current spending, you will be missing the big picture going forward. Basically, if you do not plan for something, you can not expect it will happen, right?!

Terms & Usage

Keep variable budget items up-to-date for the best results. We do not collect any of your financial data; it stays on your device only. Using the Fiance app is at your own risk and means agreeing to the Standard Terms of Use (EULA)

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Why Financial Planning?

“When you’re dreaming of your next vacation, do you just sit around and wait for it to happen? Do you spend time sifting through memories of past trips? Of course not! You plan for it, you budget for it, and you make it happen!
These same principles apply to proper budgeting. While understanding past expenses is helpful, the real value lies in planning for the future. This is where cashflow forecasting comes into play. It’s a powerful tool in financial planning that can transform lives, much like a well-planned vacation transforms your year. With effective cashflow forecasting, you’re not just reacting to your financial past; you’re actively designing your financial future.”