CashFlow+ Financial Planner User Reviews

CashFlow+ Financial Planner User Reviews Achieve control over your Cash Flow Health with the CashFlow+ app and make a plan for your Debt and Wealth with our simplified Financial Planner App. Your best budgeting app of June 2024!

CashFlow+ is adored by its users due to its effortless nature! There’s no need for cumbersome spreadsheets, online bank logins, or complex calculations. Instead, it offers a straightforward and tailor-made financial plan that easily adapts to your individual situation.

Master Your Finances Today

Experience the transformative power of CashFlow+! Hailed as ‘indispensable’ by our users, this app is not just about tracking expenses but about mastering sustainable budgeting. It’s a lifestyle change for smarter financial management.

Your Personal Financial Journey Awaits

  • Visualize Debt Freedom: Effortlessly plan your way to financial liberation.
  • CashFlow Forecasting: Our unique technique gives a vivid picture of your financial future.
  • Stay Ahead of Bills: Transform into an unbeatable bill organizer with scheduled alerts.

Empowerment Through Insights

Say goodbye to outdated methods. CashFlow+ offers control and insight, empowering you with future financial projections.

  • Key Features for a Bright Financial Future
  • Future-Ready Planning: Visualize your finances up to 10 years ahead.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for personal, family, or small business planning.
  • Privacy First: Your data security and privacy are our top priorities.
  • Efficiency Meets Innovation
  • Input income and expenses quickly.
  • Visualize your financial future.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with clarity in financial planning.

Join the CashFlow+ Community

Be part of a community redefining financial management. CashFlow+ adapts to your life’s financial needs, whether personal or business.

Privacy: Your Data, Your Terms

Your financial data remains on your device and iCloud, safeguarded by macOS standard security.

But are the likes of Rocket money or Mint better you ask?

The simple answer is that they are different: these apps focus more on tracking your expenses and not really planing your financial future. Most banks these days provide the same functionality as apps like Mint, even letting you set goals for your budget categories, but you would be hard pressed to find any of these tools with cash flow forecasting capabilities especially with the simplicity that CashFlow+ has to offer!

Terms & Usage

Keep variable budget items up-to-date for the best results. We do not collect any of your financial data it stays on your device and/or on your private iCloud account(s) only. Using CashFlow+ is at your own risk and means agreeing to the standard Terms of Use. Standard Terms of Use (EULA) –