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CALC Prime – the Smart Calculator – gets teacher Certified

CALC Smart Calculator - 5 stars - Educational App Store Certified

CALC Prime – Educational App Store Certified

The smart calculator apps, also know as CALC Smart, CALC Swift and CALC Prime are already used by thousands of students and teachers in the US alone, but since CALC Prime took-off earlier this year as the designated option for new high-tech classrooms, it has now also been officially certified by the Educational App Store as a great fit for classroom and it has received the highest honors: a full 5 stars rating badge by teachers.

The Prime version of CALC has all the infamous features of CALC Smart but it has been optimized to contain no external links – such as for social media or the background analytic engine – and has none of those (however infrequent) feedback request. Schools and professionals alike appreciate these subtleties of this newest addition to the CALC apps family.

Version 3.5.23 (TBD, 2019)

  • TBD  – Vote or Tell us by tapping HERE 😉
  • 3D touch on the custom Keyboard to move the cursor?
  • A few tweaks as always! – Your Feedback = Your App 🙂

Version 3.5.22 (Feb. 13, 2019)

  • Squished a few annoying bugs!

Version 3.5.21 (December 6, 2018)

  • iPad Pro 11″ official support
  • Addition of sample standard deviation (stddevs)
  • Fix for Coefficient of Variance (CV)
  • Added more complications
  • + a few other tweaks… stay tuned!

Version 3.5.20 (Sept. 28, 2018)

  • Added iPhoneXR and XS Max support

Version 3.5.19 (June 25, 2018)

  • Added round(x;y) advanced function
  • Added mmHg Pressure conversion
  • A few iPhoneX tune-ups

Version 3.5.18 (June 19, 2018)

  • Precision fix for hyperbolic functions (e.g. asinh)
  • Option to change the default division symbol to “/”
  • Updated MDM definition

Version 3.5.16/17 (May. 20, 2018)

  • Added custom percentage option for the tip calculator
  • Fixed converter localization issues when inserting answers

Version 3.5.15 (Jan. 22, 2018)

  • Added Ghuntas to the Area Converter
  • Fixed trimming on the watch App for irregular text size settings
  • Fixed glitches for device flat surface movements
  • Tweaks for iPhone X

Version 3.5.14 (Oct. 10, 2017)

  • iOS11 Drag & Drop capabilities (iPads)
  • iPad Pro 10.5″ tune-ups
  • Fixed icon corners from last update
  • Custom Keyboard Press&Hold switch

Version 3.5.13 (Sept. 28, 2017)

  • iOS11 and iPhone X official support 🙂
  • Fix for converting Pound Forces + added more cup, tsp, tbs options

Version 3.5.12 (Dec. 12, 2016)

  • Tap&Hold multiply for quick power func. (^)
  • Few adjustments to the Custom Keyboard
  • New Complications for quick access on the Watch App

Version 3.5.11 (Nov. 6, 2016)

  • Fixed Input Format for zero omission decimals (.0 vs. 0.0)
  • Made input Formatting even faster!
  • Added km/l to the Consumption unit converter
  • Added a 3rd Alternative tapping sound option
  • Few other small tweaks – Your Feedback = Your App 🙂

Version 3.5.10 (Nov. 2, 2016)

Version 3.5.9 (Oct. 26, 2016)

  • Fix for Short Ton conversion
  • Adjusted EE to not count as “e” on it’s own
  • Added Board Ft (FBM) among Volume units
  • Few user requested fixes and tune-ups

Version 3.5.8 (Sept. 20, 2016)

  • iOS10 Widget adjustments

Version 3.5.6/7 (Aug./Sept. 8-9, 2016)

Version 3.5.5 (August 1, 2016)

Version 3.5.4 (June 21-22, 2016)

  • Performance tune-ups and a Few UI improvements
  • Keep it coming – Your Feedback = Your App!

Version 3.5.3 (June 20, 2016)

  • Fix for CALC Smart Graphing that got stuck due to the in-app purchases removal
  • Few user requested fixes and tune-ups

Version 3.5.2 (June 9, 2016)

  • New Scientific Portrait setting
    (Trick: Tap & Hold Options for quick ON/OFF)
  • Themes tune-ups and improvements
  • Reverse fraction precision increased to 1/999
  • History Archiving automation
  • New interactive Tutorial!
  • Quite a few fixes and tune-ups 🙂

CALC 3.5.0 is now live in the App Store with an expression graphing debut

  • Basic Graphing for CALC Prime users
  • Reverse Velocity conversions: i.e. hour/Km, min/cm, sec/m
  • Fix for the Electron Volts conversion
  • Some other tweaks 🙂

CALC 3.4.17 now on the App Store with iOS9 tune-ups!

  • iPad Pro optimizations +
  • iOS9 iPad Multitasking with split view
  • iPhone 6s 3D-touch icon shortcuts
  • Spotlight quick CALC History Search
  • watchOS 2 Native App update
  • plus a few tweaks as always!

CALC 3.4.11 introduced some cool new features:

– Swipe down on “…” in the Landscape mode to show History/Tape roll
– New Options in Settings, incl. Numpad Reverse to 1-2-3
– Added top quick Access buttons for Last Functions / Answer in Portrait
– New Conversion Categories (Jet Fuel / Radiation Dose)
– More Tip calculator choices in the Approximator
+ some final Fixes and Tune-ups before the next revolutionary major release 😉

See some screenshots on what’s new in CALC on the official Fan Page: AppCALC
If you have not already, simply download the free version here and try CALC’s unrivaled features for yourself!

Smart calculator gets a Smart Widget with Tips, History Groups, Landscape iPhone mode & more!