Personal Time Calculator ~ Save your #1 resource ;-)

This quick time calculator will assist you in determining how many hours you spend and save over the course of your productive lifespan. This can help reduce some of the time waste we often neglect in our lives, such as watching unwanted commercials or online ads that can take up hours of our lives every week. Simply try and update the form bellow with your best guess values and see how many hours per day you have left for your family, friends or other things that make you happy!

P.S. It’s important to consider two important aspects: First, good quality sleep is essential to be healthy and enjoy life fully & Second, while work takes good 20% of your productive life, if you love it, it’s not really a loss… though commuting to/from work can be a different story 😉

Now let’s see how well you’re doing for yourself and give us some feedback or tell your friends to try it out too!

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